We found only uncontrolled series in which fourteen patients with 45-100% skin detachment were treated with high doses of corticosteroids (400 mg prednisone/day (six patients) and 200 mg/day (eight patients), gradually decreased over a 4-6-week period). Only one death occurred, which was considered much fewer than expected, considering the extent of the disease.7

A series of 67 patients with SJS/TEN treated with corticosteroids (from prednisolone, 40 mg, to methylprednisolone, 750 mg) claimed an excellent survival rate and minor side-effects. But diagnoses were not clear: only some patients had mucous involvement.8-12 In a small retrospective study of 14 patients, no difference in mortality rates or infectious complications was noted in patients who received steroids before referral.13 In a retrospective analysis of 39 patients with TEN, steroid treatment was not significantly related to the mortality rate.14

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