Main aspects of symptomatic treatment are: careful handling, intravenous fluid replacement (quantity adjusted daily) by peripheral access distant from the affected areas (no central venous line), oral rehydration started as soon as possible (by nasogastric support) and nutrition, aseptic care, warming of environment, pain and anxiety control, prevention of sequelae and so on. It is claimed that the fluid requirements of patients with TEN is two-thirds to three-quarters of that of patients with burns covering the same area. We found no RCT or controlled clinical trial on this.

We found many trials on techniques to help skin healing - epidermal stripping, biological skin covering (porcine xenografts or cadaveric allografts), synthetic dressings, and so on - but none was comparative. In comparison with burns, skin necrosis is more superficial.

It is suggested that wearing gas-permeable scleral contact lenses reduces photophobia and discomfort; these lenses improved visual acuity and healed corneal epithelial defects in half of patients.28

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