Transient gastrointestinal side-effects are the most frequently reported and rarely a reversible increase in serum aminotransferase. In the RCT comparing itraconazole with griseofulvin22 two patients on griseofulvin stopped therapy prematurely because of nausea and intense stomach ache with severe vomiting that occurred in weeks 2 and 4 of treatment and subsided after the withdrawal of griseofulvin. In the RCT comparing itraconazole with terbinafine,32 two patients in the itraconazole group reported with urticaria. Other studies have noted: a papular skin eruption not clearly related to treatment with itraconazole,39 minor gastrointestinal disturbances,41,44,46,47 headache,46 epistaxis and seizure (not drug related),46 and "tired legs".48

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