ED&C is frequently used for SCC, but no RCTs have compared ED&C with other treatments. Several case series have examined the cure rate of ED&C for SCC lesions. Freeman et al.30 treated 407 SCC lesions by ED&C over a 20-year period with follow up ranging from 1 to over 5 years. In patients with a greater than 5-year follow up, they found that ED&C cured 96% (46/48) of SCC less than 2 cm in diameter and 100% (9/9) of SCC greater than 2 cm in diameter. Of the 407 treated SCC lesions, 355 were less than 2 cm, suggesting choice of this technique for smaller SCC. Knox et al.37 noted that only four SCC lesions recurred in 315 tumours treated with a follow up of 4 months to 2 years. SCC lesions in this study were all less than 2 cm and without significant invasion. Honeycutt and Jansen38 treated 281 invasive SCC lesions by ED&C and reported three recurrences in a follow-up of up to 4 years. Of the patients who developed recurrences, two had had tumours greater than 2 cm.38 Whelan and Deckers39 treated 26 SCC

lesions and reported a 100% cure rate in a 2-9 year follow up.

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