I found no RCTs comparing fluconazole with griseofulvin or other systemic antifungals for tinea capitis. A small RCT49 comparing various doses of fluconazole (1-5, 3-0 and 6 mg/kg/day) for 20 days in the treatment of T. tonsurans tinea capitis showed a complete cure rate of 25% in the 1.5 mg group, 60% in the 3 mg group and 89% in the 6 mg group (Table 34.1). I found three uncontrolled studies of fluconazole in at least 20 patients50-52; M. canis and T. tonsurans were the main causative fungi. Mycological cure rates ranged from 88% to 100%. These studies used intermittent therapy: 6 mg/kg/day for 2 weeks followed after 4 weeks and if indicated by an extra week of treatment at the same dose50; 6-8 mg/kg/week for 4-8 weeks52 and 8 mg/kg/ week for 8-12 weeks.51

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