We found only one RCT evaluating the efficacy of oral retinoids in cutaneous LP.5 This double-blind study compared acitretin and placebo in 65 patients with cutaneous LP. Treatment consisted


Do corticosteroids improve cutaneous LP?

of acitretin, 30 mg/day for 8 weeks. Of the patients on acitretin, 64% (18/28) improved significantly or remitted compared with 13% in the placebo group. One figure showed that papules persisted in the majority of patients on acitretin. Nevertheless, the intensity of pruritus, papulosis and erythema was significantly less in the acitretin group.


We found an open study which evaluated the efficacy of etretinate, 50 mg/day for 2-3 weeks followed by 25 mg/day in 28 patients with cutaneous LP.6 A "good effect" was reported in 23 patients.

Oral isotretinoin

We found a report of two patients with severe cutaneous and oral LP who were treated successfully with oral isotretinoin, 0-5 mg/kg.7


There is one small series of 13 patients with cutaneous LP treated with oral tretinoin, 10-30 mg/day for 1-10 months.8 Complete remission occurred in 12 patients.

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