We found a small controlled trial in which 10 patients with cutaneous LP were treated with hemicorporeal UV irradiation after ingestion of psoralen.9 Eight showed partial improvement and three were completely cured. The absence of any observed contralateral effect of the PUVA therapy supports its local efficacy.

A cure rate of 75% after 8 weeks was reported in two open studies conducted in seven10 and 70 patients.3

We found six open studies of bath PUVA therapy.3 The largest included 75 patients, and found that two cycles of PUVA therapy cured 65% and improved 15% of patients.11 The relapse rate after 2-5 years' follow up was 25%. The other five studies included smaller groups of patients. One study suggested that exacerbation or relapse of the disease could occur after withdrawal of therapy.12

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