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Iontophoresis versus no treatment

In a randomised one-sided comparison, the effects of tap-water iontophoresis in addition to steroid-free topical therapy was investigated in 20 patients with dyshidrotic hand eczema.34 After 3 weeks (20 iontophoresis applications) the parameters "itching" and "vesicle formations" scored significantly better on the iontophoresis-treated side than on the non-iontophoresis-treated side, but redness and desquamation did not differ significantly. In an open study of 54 patients with hyperhidrosis, 20 patients with palmoplantar eczema who continued the iontophoresis treatment at home for at least 6 months were compared with a historical sex-and age-matched control group of eczema patients without iontophoresis.35 The relapse-free interval, but not the time needed for clearing, was significantly improved in the iontophoresis-treated group.

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