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No systematic reviews were found.

Topical retinoid versus topical corticosteroids

In a symmetrical double-blind study, the efficacy of triamcinolone acetonide 0-1% cream was compared with the same cream containing, in addition, 0-25% retinoic acid.31 The study involved 18 subjects with different types of eczema (12 atopic dermatitis, 4 allergic contact dermatitis, 1 nummular eczema, 1 dyshidrosis); the palms and soles were involved in only five patients. The duration of treatment was planned for 2 weeks, with the option to extend treatment to 3 weeks. The same observer scored erythema, oedema, vesicles, crusts, excoriations, scales, lichenifications and pruritus separately on a scale of 0-5. No statistically significant difference between the treatments was observed.

Oral retinoids

In an open uncontrolled study, 15 patients with hyperkeratotic hand eczema were treated with etretinate 25-75 mg daily for 3-20 months.32 Pronounced improvement was reported but the clinical value was limited because of severe side-effects. Another open study using 9-c/s-retinioic acid for 1-5 months in 38 patients with refractory therapy-resistant chronic hand eczema showed very good response in 21 patients (55%), a good response in 13 patients (34%), a moderate response in 2 patients (5-5%) and no response in 2 patients (5-5%), as assessed by patient and doctor, and only mild side-effects.33

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