We found one RCT and one open study. The open study was initially conducted as a doubleblind trial with crossover, and compared fluocinonide in an adhesive base with placebo in 11 patients.21 A partial response was observed in five patients and a complete response in six patients in the fluocinonide group, compared with one partial response in the placebo group. Subsequently, 56 other patients were treated openly, 29 obtained a complete response after 2 weeks of therapy. The exact number of relapses is impossible to calculate because various oral diseases were mixed in the follow-up study. In the second RCT,22 fluocinonide in an adhesive base, applied 6 times per day for 9 weeks, was compared with its vehicle in 40 patients with oral LP. This study included 12 patients with erosive LP, 13 with reticular LP, and 15 with a combination. Thirteen of the 20 treated patients obtained complete remission or had a good response, compared with four good responses in the placebo group.

Betamethasone valerate

We found one open study and one RCT. The RCT23 compared betamethasone valerate aerosol, four sprays per day for 2 months, with placebo in 23 patients with oral LP, 18 of whom had erosive lesions. After 2 months of therapy, eight of 11 patients had a "good or moderate" response (6 of them having erosive LP) compared with 2 moderate responses in the placebo group.

The open study24 was conducted in 30 patients with oral LP, treated topically four times daily. Twenty patients showed significant improvement after 1-12 months of treatment.

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