One systematic review (search date 1999, 6 RCTs, 258 people)59 included all the RCTs identified by the present search.

Versus placebo

In the two RCTs comparing the standard compound fumaric acid ester therapy (maximum dose 1290 mg ester mixture daily) with placebo (n = 123), 34 of 61 (56%) people treated for up to 16 weeks achieved at least a 70% reduction in PASI score whereas only 5 of 62 (8%) receiving placebo showed similar improvement (rate difference 0-47, CI 0-33-0-61).9697 Two RCTs comparing fumaric esters monotherapy with placebo showed benefit from dimethylfumarate (n = 42) but not monoethylfumarate (n = 38).98

Fumaric acid ester regimens compared

In one RCT (n = 45) no difference in efficacy between Fumaderm and dimethylfumarate monotherapy could be demonstrated.99

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