1 found no systematic reviews, and only one RCT, in which 44 patients were treated with omeprazole, 40 mg/day, plus clarithromycin, 1500 mg/day, for

2 weeks. Lesions cleared in almost all patients, but there were no differences from the untreated controls.13 In one CCT, 37 patients received omeprazole, 40 mg/day for 1 month plus clarithromycin, 100 mg/day, plus metronidazole, 2000 mg/day, for 2 weeks. At the twelfth week, 76% of patients had improved compared with no improvement in the 26 untreated patients.14 In another CCT, 53 patients received omeprazole, 20 mg/day, clarithromycin, 1 g/day) and metronidazole, 1 g/day) for one week. Ninety-six per cent cleared in 2-4 weeks.15 In an uncontrolled study, 13 patients improved on bismuth, 1200 mg/day, amoxycillin, 500 mg/day, and metronidazole, 1-5 g/day.16 There is also one anecdotal report.17

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