Etretinateacitretinisotretinoin Efficacy

A systematic review (1988-94) of open studies of oral retinoids in CTCL (mycosis fungoides and Sezary syndrome) showed an overall mean response rate of 58% and a CR rate of 19%, with a median duration of response of 3-13 months.59

A non-randomised study of 68 patients with various stages of mycosis fungoides and Sezary syndrome compared 13-c/s-retinoic acid with etretinate and showed similar efficacy and toxicity (isotretinoin: CR 21%; PR 38%; etretinate: CR 21%; PR 46%).60 A phase II study of isotretinoin in 25 patients with mycoses fungoides (IB-III) showed an OR rate of 44%, three patients achieving a CR, and a median response duration of 8 months using high doses (2 mg/kg/day).61

An RCT comparing PUVA and alfa interferon with PUVA and acitretin showed a significantly better response rate for PUVA and alfa interferon30 (see above).

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