History and structure

The CSG was established in 1997, after a workshop on dermato-epidemiology held at the World Congress of Dermatology. However, interest in forming the group had begun in 1992 and several exploratory meetings were held over the next 4 years.7 The founder of the group and its Coordinating Editor is Professor Hywel Williams, of the Department of Dermatology, Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK, which is where the editorial team is based. The other members of the team are Dr Tina Leonard, the Review Group Coordinator, and Dr Finola Delamere, the Trials Search Coordinator.

An international board of editors consists of Dr Michael Bigby (Boston, USA), Dr Thomas Diepgen (Erlangen, Germany), Dr Sarah Garner (London, UK), Dr Sam Gibbs (Ipswich, UK), Sally Hollis (Lancaster, UK), Dr Sue Jessop (Cape Town,

South Africa), Philippa Middleton (Melbourne, Australia), Dr Dédée Murrell (Sydney, Australia), and Professor Luigi Naldi (Bergamo, Italy). The group's comments and criticism editor is Dr Urba González (Spain). One of the CSG's particular strengths has been the involvement of consumers, who help it in many diverse ways. The Group currently supports about 280 reviewers worldwide and receives infrastructure support from the NHS Research and Development Programme.

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