Implications for clinical practice

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Given the side-effects and lack of efficacy, oral therapy with a nickel-chelating compound can not be recommended. There is no evidence that a low-nickel diet improves pompholyx-type hand eczema.

No systematic reviews were found. There is, however, one systematic review being prepared on interventions to prevent occupational hand dermatitis.42 A number of issues in connection with this question will be dealt with in this review. Information on avoidance of allergens or irritants on a case-by-case basis can be found in the major textbooks on contact dermatitis.43 The effect of emollients was covered in the fifth question above (p. 136).

No controlled trials on gloves or protective creams were found. We found a few uncontrolled rather descriptive studies indicating some benefit of gloves and/or barrier creams,19,44 one study having a within-patient left-right design.45

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