Implications for practice

There is good evidence to support the use of griseofulvin to treat tinea capitis caused by T. tonsurans, M. canis, T. mentagrophytes and T. violaceum. Overall, griseofulvin is considered to be safe in children. On the basis of the RCTs described, the recommended dosage regimen for children is continuous therapy with tablets or suspension, adjusted according to patient weight (10-20 kg: 125 mg/day; 20-40 kg: 250 mg/day; >40 kg: 500 mg/day) for 6-8 weeks, including microsized and ultramicrosized preparations. Other advantages of griseofulvin are that it is inexpensive and that the suspension allows accurate dosage in children. As far as I know it is licensed for tinea capitis in most countries.30

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