Interferon alfa plus zidovudine Efficacy

We found one randomised study comparing two doses of interferon alfa combined with zidovudine. In this study of 108 patients with AIDS-related KS, patients received zidovudine 500mg/day and were randomised to either a low (1 MU/day) or intermediate dose (8 MU/day) of subcutaneous interferon alfa.29 Response rates for the 54 patients randomised to 8 MU/day were significantly greater than for the 53 patients who received 1 MU/day: 31% and 8%, respectively (P = 0-001).29 Time to progression was longer for intermediate-dose interferon (18 weeks) than for low-dose interferon (13 weeks) (P = 0-002). Response rates were higher for patients who had a CD4 count >150 x 106 cells/litre.29

Other phase I/II trials in AIDS-related KS using doses of interferon alfa ranging from 4-5 to 27 MU/day combined with zidovudine, 500-1200 mg/day, have achieved objective response rates of 5-47%.32-38

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