Interferon versus bleomycin

A small randomised study compared interferon alfa-2a plus zidovudine with bleomycin plus zidovudine in 26 patients with AIDS-related KS, of which 22 were evaluable for response.39 Two of 10 (20%) assessable patients, who received bleomycin, 15 mg every 2 weeks, plus zidovudine, 250 mg twice daily, had an objective response to treatment after 5-3 months on treatment, compared with one of 12 (8%) evaluable patients who received interferon alfa-2a, 9 MU/day, plus zidovudine, 250 mg twice daily, after 4-7 months on treatment.39

Interferon combined with cytotoxic chemotherapy

One small uncontrolled study of 24 patients with AIDS-related KS treated with interferon alfa-2b and etoposide found an objective response rate of 38% (8/21 evaluable patients).40 Another small study combined intermediate-dose interferon alfa with actinomycin D, vinblastine and bleomycin in 13 patients with AIDS-related KS. There was one complete response and four partial responses but four patients required hospital admission for febrile neutropenia.41

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