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In the PubMed database different search terms were used for male and female androgenetic alopecia. For male androgenetic alopecia the search terms were: "((androgenetic and alopecia) or (*male and pattern and baldness)) and (finasteride or minoxidil)." For female androgenetic alopecia the search terms were "((female and androgenetic and alopecia) or (female and pattern and baldness)) and (minoxidil or antiandrogen* or cyproteroneacetate or (cyproterone and acetate) or cyproteronacetate or estrogen* or oestrogen* or estradiol)."

Figure 42.1 Typical male pattern hair loss in a 28-year-old patient


Which topical or systemic treatment can stop further hair loss and increase hair density in men?

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Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

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