Methods of search

To identify studies of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and cryotherapy in patients with AK, we reviewed Medline, Embase and CancerLit from 1966 to October 1999 and proceedings from the American Association of Dermatology meetings (1997-2000). We searched non-5-FU and non-nitrogen therapies by name and type, as well as the term "actinic keratosis treatment". We scrutinised review articles for treatments not detected through database searches.

To locate articles on interventions for BD, we searched Medline (1966-2001) and Embase (1988-2001). We limited our topic to non-anogenital BD and to English publications since translators were not readily available for this unfunded endeavour. We reported numbers of patients as well as number of lesions treated wherever information was available.

Since few randomised controlled trials (RCTs) were found, uncontrolled trials were included in this report. Evidence was graded using the quality of evidence scale employed by the British Association of Dermatology guidelines, and

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