Other oral agents Benefits

We found no RCTs or controlled trials of other oral agents in cutaneous lupus. There are many case reports describing success in individuals or small numbers of patients. Favourable case reports describe cefuroxime,116 cyclophosphamide,117 ciclosporin A,118,119 cytarabine,120 interferon alfa (parenteral and intralesional),121,122 intravenous immunoglobulin,123,124 chimeric monoclonal antibodies,125 mycophenolate mofetil,126 and pulses of methylprednisolone.127 An open trial of sulfasalazine in 13 patients with cutaneous lupus demonstrated an excellent or good response in eight,128 and there is a favourable case report on the treatment of DLE with sulfasalazine.129

De Pitá et al. could not reproduce the favourable response to immunoglobulins - of their seven patients with SCLE none responded to this therapy.130

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