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Four RCTs31-34 of different types of PDT reported varying success. Cure rates ranged from 8% (of patients) to 73% (of warts).

PDT versus placebo

One trial31 in 52 adults and children using a left-right design (randomising active and placebo treatments to warts on the left and right side of the body) showed resolution of warts in 40% of participants. In all those that responded to treatment, the warts on the placebo-treated side also resolved. In another trial in 40 adults,32 aminolaevulenic acid (ALA) PDT achieved a cure rate of 56% of warts compared with 42% of warts in the placebo PDT group. Topical SA was also used for all participants.

PDT versus SA

One RCT33 in 120 adults and children compared methylene blue/DMSO PDT with a mixture of SA and creosote. The cure rates achieved were 8% and 15%, respectively.

PDT versus cryotherapy

One RCT34 in 28 adults with refractory warts compared four different types of light source for PDT with cryotherapy. PDT was administered three times and cryotherapy four times. The cure rates ranged from 28% to 73% of warts with the different types of PDT; 20% of warts were cured with cryotherapy. Topical SA was also used for all patients.

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