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The studies for this review were found by searching PubMed (the original search for these chapters was carried out in 1998 using Medline) combining the following study types as key words: meta-analysis, randomised controlled trials, case-control and direct observation studies with the following cancer terms: melanoma, basal-cell carcinoma, rodent ulcer, squamous cell carcinoma, non-melanoma skin cancers. The Cochrane database and the health-promotion journals Health Education Research and Health Education were searched for appropriate studies with the additional key words: health promotion interventions. One unpublished meta-analysis done by Girgis et al. of the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia in 1998, was included.15 Very few randomised controlled trials (RCTs) were found for primary prevention although there were more for chemoprevention and secondary prevention. Most studies used direct observation. Randomised population surveys were found for Australia and the US where there has been concerted year-on-year campaigns aimed at changing population behaviour in the sun.

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How To Prevent Skin Cancer

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