Section H Less common skin disorders603

Editor: Michael Bigby

45. Cutaneous lupus erythematosus 605 Susan Jessop and David Whitelaw

46. Dermatomyositis 620 Jeffrey P Callen

47. Bullous pemphigoid 639 Maria Roest, Vanessa Venning, Nonhlanhla Khumalo,

Gudula Kirtschig and Fenella Wojnarowska

48. Pemphigus 643 Brian R Sperber and Victoria P Werth

49. Cutaneous manifestations of sarcoidosis 659 Anne Hawk and Joseph C English III

50. Erythema multiforme 673 Pierre Dominique Ghislain and J Claude Roujeau

51. Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis 678 Pierre Dominique Ghislain and J Claude Roujeau

52. Focal hyperhidrosis 688 Berthold Rzany and Daniel M Spinner

53. The idiopathic photodermatoses 698 Robert S Dawe and James Ferguson

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