Tasks undertaken by the Cochrane Skin Group

The work of the CSG encompasses:

• searching for trials (by hand and electronically)

• development and maintenance of a comprehensive register of trials (Specialised Skin Register)

• preparation of protocols and reviews

• disseminating the conclusions from the reviews as widely as possible - to healthcare managers, consumers and researchers.

The many roles for people in the CSG include:

• hand searchers, who systematically search dermatological journals, by hand, to identify trials and record these

• translators, as it is important to include evidence from all the literature, not just reports in English

• lead reviewers, who take responsibility for the review team preparing the protocol and the review

• co-reviewers, who help the lead reviewer to prepare the review

• peer reviewers, who help to ensure that the quality of Cochrane reviews is as high as possible

• consumers, who can take any of these roles and also help to write synopses of the reviews in lay terms, which are then published in various places, including the Cochrane Library website.

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