Tetracyclines Efficacy

I found no systematic reviews. I found one randomised controlled trial (RCT) of 78 patients treated with tetracycline, 50 mg/day. Improvement was observed at the end of the first month of treatment in 78% of patients. Improvement was also observed in 45% of patients taking placebo.1 In another RCT, 56 patients were treated with "three tablets/day" (presumably of 250 mg each) for 6 weeks. Lesions improved by 78%, compared with 10% in the placebo group.2 In a third RCT, 51 people were treated with tetracycline, 500 mg/day, for 2 months and improved by about 90% (based on scores); similar improvements were seen in the comparison group given 1% metronidazole cream.3 In a controlled clinical trial (CCT) of 101 patients, tetracycline, 750 mg/day, for 2 months cleared lesions in more than 50% of patients.4 An uncontrolled trial compared tetracycline, 1 g/day, for 3 weeks with topical clindamycin. No differences were found.5

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