Topical nystatin

Topical application of nystatin in zinc-containing emollients is widely regarded as the "standard"

treatment for Candida infection of the skin. However, there are no new controlled randomised studies to underline this general opinion. In studies primarily investigating newer drugs, only one very small study compared the new drug with the "standard" nystatin. This RCT enrolled 20 patients (mean age 12 months; range 1-48 months) with moderate-to-severe diaper dermatitis who were treated with either mupirocin ointment or nystatin cream applied to the infected area 8 hourly or after every diaper change for 7 days. In both groups the yeasts were eliminated within 5 days in all subjects. The authors attributed their impression of a better clinical response to mupirocin to its broader antimicrobial effect.16

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