Balloon Pump Controller PB20

The balloon pump controller (Fig. 2.8) controls the air in the balloons on the scope and the overtube by either supplying or withdrawing air. The controller has two tubes. A transparent tube for the scope is connected to the connector on the top of the scope control head, and a white tube for the overtube is connected to the white connection port of the overtube. Air can be supplied by pushing two green buttons, one for the scope balloon and the other for the overtube balloon, on the remote switch box (inflation, LED lights up); or it can be withdrawn (deflation, LED lights off). The white buttons below the green buttons function as a pause switch to stop the air supply or withdrawal temporarily. A digital pressure monitor is on the front of the pump for monitoring balloon pressure. The balloon pressure is maintained constant at approximately 5.6 kPa (42 mm Hg) by a pressure sensing and feedback mechanism. The "level" is the minimum pressure required to anchor the intestine; a balloon inflated at such a low pressure is unlikely to cause pain or discomfort to patients.

To ensure safety, the controller is designed to activate an alarm when peristaltic movement or back-and-forth manipulation of the scope elevates the balloon pressure above a set

Fig. 2.8. Balloon pump controller pressure of 8.2 kPa for 5 s or longer. The controller is also designed to sense balloon damage and air leakage from the connection, whereupon it activates an alarm. It is equipped with a filter to prevent inflow of body fluids in case of balloon damage, and due consideration is given to safety during use.

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