M13A2 Basket Forceps and Retrieval

The basket forceps used with a cholangioscope (FG-33W, Olympus) has a working length of 2500 mm and an outer diameter of 1.7 mm; it is fully compatible with the EN-450P5/20 with a forceps channel diameter of 2.2 mm. Because of its small basket, however, the forceps cannot securely hold an object larger than 10 mm even when the basket is opened to the maximum. The treatment-type EN-450T5 endoscope with a forceps channel diameter of 2.8 mm allows the use of a basket forceps (FU-16U-1) for colonoscopes and retrieval of an object up to approximately 20 mm. The EN-450T5 also allows use of a disposable retrieval net (product no. 711182) with which an object 20 mm in size can be retrieved.

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