Overtube TS12140 TS13140

Two types of overtube are available. One is the TS-12140 (outer diameter 12.2 mm, length 1450 mm) for use with the EN-450P5, and the other is the TS-13140 (outer diameter 13.2 mm, length 1450 mm) for use with the EN-450T5. Both are flexible tubes. A latex balloon is mounted on the distal end of the overtube. Wetting the inner and outer surfaces of the overtube dramatically improves lubricity, which allows smooth insertion of a scope by reducing friction between the overtube and the scope and the overtube and the intestine.

As shown in Fig. 2.5, the overtube has two connection ports. The white one is connected to the balloon at the tip of the overtube through a built-in route used to inflate and deflate the balloon at the tip using a balloon pump controller, as described later. A syringe is connected to the blue connection port to inject water into the overtube, which ensures lubricity. In addition, a metal ring is embedded at the far end of the overtube with which the position of the balloon can be identified fluoroscopically.

Fig. 2.5. Overtube

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