Representative Useful Therapeutic Devices for Use with EN450T5

1. Endoscopic clip. Resolution Clip 2261 (Boston Scientific) (Fig. 11.1.7) and disposable Quick Clip HX-200U-135 (Olympus) (Fig. 11.1.8) are available.

Balloon Endoscopy
Fig. 11.1.7. Resolution Clip 2261 (Boston Scientific)
Resolution Clip Boston Scientific
Fig. 11.1.8. Quick Clip HX-200U-135 (Olympus)

2. Argon plasma coagulation device. Argon plasma coagulation (APC) probes 20132179 and 20132-166 (Erbe) (Fig. 11.1.9) are available, which are useful for coagulation of angiodysplasia.

Monopolar Apc
Fig. 11.1.9. Argon plasma coagulation (APC) probe 20132-179, 20132-166 (Erbe)

3. Endoscope balloon dilator. Balloon dilator CRE WG (colonic) is available (Boston Scientific) (Fig. 11.1.10).

Apc Probe Endoscopy


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