Scope Balloon BS1

After the scope is passed through the overtube, a dedicated balloon (BS-1) is attached to the distal end of the scope. The balloon is made of latex and has a thickness of approximately 0.1 mm; it is designed to hold the intestine securely at the lowest possible pressure. A specifically designed device (jig) is used to attach a balloon at the distal end of the scope, and both ends of the balloon are secured with fixing rubbers. This makes the balloon ready to be inflated and deflated with a balloon pump controller that supplies and withdraws air, as shown in Fig. 2.6. Attachment procedures are detailed in Chapter 7, and illustrated in the attached DVD (digital videodisc). As needed, an ancillary dedicated hood may be attached to the distal end of the scope. Figure 2.7 shows the devices ready for use.

Fig. 2.6. Balloon at the scope tip
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