The Bangor Dyslexia Test I

How, then, did the Bangor Dyslexia Test originate and what did I wish it to achieve? In the first place I believed that dyslexia was a syndrome - a family of manifestations, having a constitutional basis. There was in the 1970s only circumstantial evidence for the constitutional basis: the condition ran in families, which suggested a genetic basis, and, more speculatively, it was possible that there were analogies between the behaviour of the children whom I was assessing and the behaviour of adults who were known to have suffered brain damage. I was no neurologist, however, and believed that there was plenty to be found out by a systematic study of my subjects' behaviour.

As a result of reading the relevant literature, by talking to other workers in the field and above all by letting my subjects talk to me I looked for items for inclusion in my test which I thought might be part of the syndrome. Here were some of the things which I thought might be relevant.

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