Empirical Bases For Behavioral Case Formulation

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Behavior therapy and its constituent methodologies have been extensively studied, and are, at present, "a favored child" among therapies. One reason for this is that behavioral case formulation requires specificity, the utilization of hypothesis formation, and systematic hypothesis testing. Behavioral methodologies are the clinical equivalent to scientific methodologies and, as such, lend themselves to empirical study. It is said that behavioral methods are studied more than any other therapies. The most recent findings suggest that behavioral and cognitive-behavioral methods consistently produce positive therapeutic results, are easily individualized to the needs of the client, and are, by design, replicable. Behavioral methodologies have been proven to be more effective than medications for most anxiety problems. Studies also show that behavioral methods are more effective with depressive disorders than any other therapy modality and are recommended as the treatment of choice in conjunction with medication therapy for a number of depressive disorders. Behavioral methods have also been proven effective for externalizing behavior disorders, anger management problems, learning difficulties, social skills deficits, coping skills deficits, pain management, compliance issues in medical treatments, and sleep problems.

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