Biorhythm Awareness

Biorhythm Awareness

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Provisional Expectancieshypotheses Theory See Tolmans Theory

PSEUDOSCIENTIFIC AND UNCONVENTIONAL THEORIES. The term pseudoscience refers to a system of theories and methods that claims falsely to be scientific, or is a system that is falsely regarded by some people to be scientific. The term pseudopsy-chology is an approach to psychology that employs unscientific, even fraudulent, methods in it investigations and the term unconventional theory (in particular, in psychology, in reference to therapeutic theoretical approaches) refers to those methods of treating mind, body, or mind-body interactions, that are not considered by the scientific and professional community to be mainstream approaches. Among the pseudoscientific theories methods that impact on, or challenge, scientific psychology are the following astrology (the belief that the location of the stars and planets at the time of one's conception and or birth influences their lives subsequently) biological rhythms biorhythms (periodic variations in one's physiological and psychological...

Miscellaneous Issues

There is some controversy among NF practitioners about which site-frequency combinations should be used for specific syndromes. For example, even in the case of ADHD in which the increase b (or SMR)-decrease 0 band amplitude protocol is used extensively, there are some who argue that decreasing 0 is sufficient or that increasing only SMR (or b) or some narrower band within one or the other of those frequency bands is most efficient and speeds treatment. To the author's knowledge, however, these claims have not been supported by scientific research. An area of some disagreement among practitioners is whether the time of day of NF treatment needs to be matched to the individual client to conform to his or her unique biorhythms. This concern also has been voiced by some in regard to traditional medical treatments and seems worthy of further consideration. The importance of personality characteristics of the NF practitioner also is debated. It seems essential that he or she be empathic,...

Biological Theories Of Depression See Depression Theories Of

This speculation states - in its modern version - that there are three different biorhythm cycles that influence three different general aspects of human behavior a 23-day cycle that affects physical aspects of behavior, a 28-day cycle that influences emotions, and a 33-day cycle that affects intellectual functions. Moreover, according to the biorhythm theory, the three cycles purportedly start at birth and progress in a sinusoidal fashion throughout one's life and do not vary with either physiological or environmental factors. Thus, theoretically, the three rhythms cycles interact to determine critical days on which personal difficulties and problems are likely to occur throughout one's life. The history of the biorhythm theory is traceable back to the late 19th century in Europe. Initially (in 1897), a Berlin surgeon, Wilhelm Fliess (1848-1928), proposed that a 23-day male period and a 28-day female period occurs in humans (it is interesting that Sigmund Freud...

Environmental And Occupational Factors

Prolonged exposure to emotional stress, high temperatures, chemicals, radiation, or electromagnetic or microwave emissions may reduce your fertility. Various occupational hazards also exist within certain work environments. For example, the rubber, leather, and dry-cleaning industries use the solvent benzene, which may adversely affect your fertility. Flight attendants are exposed to radiation and high altitudes, which may reduce fertility. Doctors, nurses, and other hospital employees may be exposed to anesthesia, chemicals, and radiation, all of which can have a harmful effect. Even people who work nights or irregular shifts may be adversely affected in their fertility because of changes in their internal clock and natural biorhythms.

Research Questions

Which are cycles of about a day, as for example the sleep and rest cycle. Most animals have some kind of biorhythms, and studies describing and attempting to explain them with diverse animal and plant species are relevant to the biomedical implications of human circadian rhythmicity, such as blood pressure cycles, drug susceptibility, sleep wakefulness, and jet lag. Of more basic interest are those studies concerned with effectors, cues, and inherent oscillators operant in circadian control of physiological and behavioral function. Logical candidates for flight biorhythm studies are Drosophila, mice, and rats. The effects of spaceflight on the neurons of the brain that constitute the internal clock can be studied by measuring Immediate Early Gene (IEG) activation in response to light dark stimuli. IEGs, a newly discovered class of intracellular messengers, contain instructions for the production of proteins. These genes are unique in that they respond very early to stimuli. While...

Location of Flower

When studies are carried out in botanical gardens or greenhouses, it is possible to observe the pollinators or to smell the flower scent at various times to assess the flower's biorhythm. However, in locations such as the rain forest this may not be practical, especially for night-scented flowers. To collect and identify samples at the peak of a flower's biorhythm, an automated collection system was developed (30). This is shown in Fig. 12. The portable sampling device consists of a manifold containing 12 headspace traps. Each trap is connected via a microvalve to a pump. A computer is used to switch the valves open, turn on the pump, and control the duration of the collection. The scientist typically knows if the flower emits its scent during the day or night, and each trap will be set to collect a 1 hour sample over 12 hours. Subsequent analysis identifies the collection period at which the plant was producing its maximum scent. The analytical data of this headspace sample is used...