Assessment Investigations And Diagnosis Aims of Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of biological, psychological and social factors in a patient with a first episode of psychosis should:

• define the influences which predisposed to, precipitated and may perpetuate the episode;

• allow a proper formulation of the patient's condition, treatment options, likely responses, risks, available supports, likelihood of treatment compliance and prognosis [42].

An incomplete or inadequate assessment is likely to result in incorrect decisions. Other consequences can include a failure to engage the individual, to understand the patient, the family and their needs, and to provide continuity of care.

BiPolar Explained

BiPolar Explained

Bipolar is a condition that wreaks havoc on those that it affects. If you suffer from Bipolar, chances are that your family suffers right with you. No matter if you are that family member trying to learn to cope or you are the person that has been diagnosed, there is hope out there.

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