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Chapter 1

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Chapter 6

Chapter 7 Chapter 8

Prodromal Symptoms and Early Detection of Schizophrenia 1

Heinz Hafner and Kurt Maurer

The Management of Early Psychosis 51

Patrick McGorry, Jane Edwards and Alison Yung

Children of Persons with Schizophrenia: An Overview of Empirical Research 111

Allan F. Mirsky and Adrienne K. Elliott

Detection and Management of Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents 135

Elizabeth Weller, Roomana Sheikh, Joon Kang and Ronald Weller

Detecting the Risk for Affective Spectrum Disorders in the Children of Bipolar Parents 163

Gabriele Masi, Hagop S. Akiskal and Kareen Akiskal

The ''Difficult'' Child: Main Underlying Syndromes and Differential Diagnosis 1S5

Sam Tyano and Iris Manor

Precursors, Prodromes and Early Detection of Eating Disorders

Regina C. Casper

Precursors, Early Detection and Prevention of Anxiety Disorders

Dan J. Stein, Soraya Seedat, Paul Carey and Brian Harvey

Chapter 9 Early Recognition and Management of Depression in Primary Care 249

Andre Tylee and Paul Walters

Chapter 10 The Prodromes and Early Detection of

Alzheimer's Disease 277

Michael Zaudig


BiPolar Explained

BiPolar Explained

Bipolar is a condition that wreaks havoc on those that it affects. If you suffer from Bipolar, chances are that your family suffers right with you. No matter if you are that family member trying to learn to cope or you are the person that has been diagnosed, there is hope out there.

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