Individual and Personality Traits

Personality characteristics of BN patients by and large appear to fall within the normal range. Kendler et al. [11] found no association with avoidant features in BN based on analyses of the Virginia twin registry. The same authors reported similar levels of extraversion in BN and controls. In a clinical study [25], hospitalized BN patients did not differ from normal controls on self-control and risk-taking dimensions; however, in comparison with restricting AN patients, BN patients scored higher on impulsivity and lower on belief in traditional values, suggesting that the personality characteristics of BN patients cover the wide range of normal variation, but they differ compared to restricting AN patients.

Fairburn et al. [51] reported negative self-evaluation and perfectionism, the latter assessed as ''high personal standards'', as risk factors for BN. Factors different from those in AN seem to generate the negative self-evaluation, since BN patients tend to grow up in a family environment fostering critical attitudes.

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