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The first randomized controlled trial (RCT) specifically developed around the needs of the UHR population, with the aim of preventing or delaying the onset of psychosis, or at the very least ameliorating presenting symptoms, was conducted in Melbourne between 1996 and 1999. This was felt to be required because of the high transition rate in an earlier study, which occurred despite comprehensive supportive care and active treatment of presenting syndromes (such as depression) and problems. In the RCT, the impact of a combined intensive psychological (cognitive) treatment plus very low dose atypical antipsychotic (risperidone) medication (specific preventive intervention, SPI; n = 31) was compared with the effect of supportive therapy (needs-based intervention, NBI; n = 28) on the development of acute illness in the high-risk group. At the end of the 6-month treatment phase, significantly more subjects in the NBI group had developed an acute psychosis than in the SPI group (p = 0.026). This difference was no longer significant at the end of a post-treatment 6-month follow-up period (p = 0.16), though it did remain significant for the risperidone-adherent subgroup of cases. This result suggests that it is possible to delay the onset of acute psychosis in the SPI group compared to the NBI group. Both groups experienced a reduction in global psycho-pathology and improved functioning over the treatment and follow-up phases compared with entry levels [32]. Longer-term follow-up of the participants in this study is now taking place and a replication is under way. Other centres [27,33] have also carried out randomized trials in this phase with similar encouraging findings.

BiPolar Explained

BiPolar Explained

Bipolar is a condition that wreaks havoc on those that it affects. If you suffer from Bipolar, chances are that your family suffers right with you. No matter if you are that family member trying to learn to cope or you are the person that has been diagnosed, there is hope out there.

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