Personality Variables

Personality traits have also been explored in high-risk samples. Given the odd, eccentric behaviour of persons with schizophrenia, Squires-Wheeler et al. [69] hypothesized that certain personality disorders, specifically schizoid, schizotypal and paranoid personality disorders, might be more prevalent in the adult offspring of schizophrenic parents. However, no such aggregation was found [69]. In a later follow-up with the same subjects, all from the New York High-risk Project, an experimental scale derived from the MMPI [70] was shown to be an effective predictor of schizophrenia-related psychoses [71]. This revised Schizophrenia Proneness scale predicted schizophrenia with over 95% accuracy. Positive predictive power was 40%, negative predictive power was over 97%, sensitivity was 37.5% and specificity was almost 98% [71]. Scores on this scale seem to offer significant promise as a relatively cost effective and efficient predictor, although the researchers caution that further refinement is needed [71].

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