Transition to the Recovery Phase

An acute psychotic episode may be the event which precipitates entry to a mental health service, and inpatient services tend to focus exclusively on this phase. However, the service should ideally provide ''seamless'' integrated care, following patients through the early and late stages of recovery. Achieving such an integrated approach remains a challenge. If it results in more effective care, then it should be possible to extract greater value from existing resources: integrated care from acute illness to recovery does not necessarily require more resources.

A culture of realistic optimism will recognize that most young people with early psychosis will recover from the initial acute episode but remain at risk of relapse, particularly if they adhere poorly to long-term treatment or are re-exposed to stressors, including substance misuse. A positive transition from acute care to longer-term care will help improve the chance that such a relapse does not occur or that, if it does, the individual seeks help early.

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