All rooms and objects in them should be sprayed with ample 3 per cent chloramine solution or 10 per cent lysol solution (at 60 °C). Disinsection and deratization should be carried out in an hour, then disinfection is repeated in 4 hours and the house kept locked for 3-4 days.

Quarantine Measures

Protective measures against import of and spreading of infectious diseases from other countries were specified by the World Health Organization in 1969 and 1973. Each country must have special system of measures aimed at prevention of import of infectious diseases from abroad, and if an infection is taken into a country, measures should be taken to prevent its spreading. Quarantines should be organized in cases of plague, cholera, yellow fever. (Smallpox has been completely eradicated in the world by 1982).

Quarantines measures should be taken in international sea and river ports, airports, and at posts of international highways, on the border posts on highways. The following measures are necessary at border intersection points:

(1) medical examination of persons who arrive into or depart from a given country, their vehicles and belongings;

(2) availability of special medical documentation (international certificate of vaccination, certificate of deratization, and the like) must be checked;

(3) revealing and isolation of persons with infectious diseases, and isolation of persons who require medical observation;

(4) disinfection, deratization, disinsection of means of transportation, of cargo and luggage (for special indications).

Special measures should be taken to protect import and spreading of infectious diseases such as plague, cholera and yellow fever. Preventive measures should also be taken against haemorrhagic fever, louse-borne and recurrent fever, malaria, anthrax, brucellosis, foot-and-mouth disease, glanders, myeloidosis, rabies, and psitacco-sis, that can be imported from other countries.

Review Problems

1. Methods and means used for disinfection in intestinal infa according to this form:

Object of disinfection

Methods and means of decontamination during final disinfection

Example. Excrements of the Mix with dry chlorinated lime or dry patient (faeces, urine, vomitus) thermally stable lime or taken in the ratio of 1:2; time of exposure, 30 minutes

2. Methods and means used for disinfection in droplet infections. Make out a table as hinted above.

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