Cfug Cfum

Megakaryocyte *

RBC Platelets Neutrophil Monocyte Eosinophil Basophil

Committed stem cells

Committed stem cells

Differentiated (end-stage) cells

0 Macrophage

Figure 11.2. Proposed model of haemopoiesis where all peripheral blood cells originate from a single pluripotent stem cell. E: erythrocyte; Meg: megacaryocyte; Eo: eosinophil; Bas: basophil; (modified from Jandl, 1996).

Figure 11.3. A peripheral blood smear showing normal red blood cells, platelets, a neutrophil and a lymphocyte.

make the surface of every individual's red cells quite unique. Some antigens are widely distributed in all humans and are even maintained across different species. Of particular importance to surgeons are the glycolipids which constitute the A and B antigens used for ABO blood typing. The cytoskele-ton and membrane structure of erythrocytes serve as a prototype for all the other blood cells.

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