Pleural space

The pleural space is a potential space between the lungs and chest wall and normally only contains a few millilitres of fluid but it both secretes and absorbs approximately 600 ml

Scalene nodes

Scalene nodes

crossover from the left to right than right to left side.
Figure 18.2. Anatomy of the bronchial tree. RUL: right upper lobe; RML: right middle lobe; RLL: right lower lobe; LUL: left upper lobe; LLL: left lower lobe.

of fluid each day. When there is increased fluid production or a decreased ability to reabsorb the fluid, such as may occur with lymphatic blockage, then a pleural effusion results. Generally, if this is secondary to heart failure, the effusion is a transudate, but if it is secondary to infection or tumour it is an exudate. The pleural space is much deeper posteriorly than anteriorly and this needs to be taken into account when planning a thoracentesis.

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