Cardiovascular Overload Component Definition

To elicit a beneficial physiological effect, the cardiovascular (CV) system must be stressed above a normal level of exertion. This is sometimes referred to as the training threshold or zone. The training threshold is influenced by many factors (including a person's current aerobic capacity and training status). In sedentary and deconditioned individuals, it may be as low as 55% HRmax (ACSM, 1998) (see more in Chapter 4).

Key Points

The conditioning component should:

• principally be CV work, involving rhythmic movement of the main large muscle groups of the upper and lower body;

• last approximately 20-30 minutes;

• initially adopt an interval approach;

• vary in the length of CV work and active recovery intervals until gradually progressing to continuous CV exercise;

• use progression of intensity as appropriate;

• consider the needs of the novice exerciser with low self-efficacy.

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