CHD morbidity

Studies have shown that the incidence rate of MI is between 2 and 2.5 times the mortality rate, and using data from 2002 it is estimated that in all ages, a total of 268000 people (147 000 men and 121000 women) in the UK had an MI in 2002 (BHF, 2004). Prevalence of MI increases with age and is higher in men than in women; estimates show that there are about 838000 men and 394 000 women living in the UK, who have had an MI (BHF, 2004). The prevalence of MI is disproportionately higher in Scotland: 43 per 1000 men, compared with 39 in Wales and 34 in England (Wanless, 2001; SIGN, 2002). In addition, there is an increasing number of MI and CHD subjects with chronic heart failure (HF), approximately 662000 in the UK (BHF, 2004).

In addition, the BHF (BHF, 2004) estimate 178000 new cases of angina in all men living in the UK and about 159 500 in women, totalling 337 500. As can be seen from the trends in the increase in morbidity, there is more need for structured secondary prevention. As CR is recognised as the prime vehicle for delivery of secondary prevention (SIGN, 2002), there will be a corresponding increase in comprehensive, patient-centred CR.

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