Choreography And Free Aerobics

Aerobic overload can be delivered using free aerobics. This method sees the exercise leader perform the exercise with the class following the demonstration and cueing of the exercises. The leader should provide alternatives, giving easy and harder options for each exercise. This style of aerobics within the overload section may not be appropriate early in phase III CR until patients have mastered self-monitoring.

In free aerobics (exercise to music), where the leader is introducing different combinations and moves with music, the leader is required to link and combine exercises with an element of choreography. Free aerobics is often the method used in the warm-up section. Free aerobics (FA) has some disadvantages:

• It is more difficult to control intensity;

• Monitoring patients/participants is more difficult;

• It is harder to provide alternative moves;

• Position and proximity of the participants require close attention. The advantages of FA include:

• There is no need for equipment;

• More motor skill balance and co-ordination are required by the group and leader;

• More independence is required of participants.

The exercise leader performs the skill of structuring foot and arm patterns to the beat and phrase of the music. Usually all steps are choreographed to a 32-count beat.

The most basic method of choreography is to do one foot/arm pattern for eight counts, a second one for eight counts, a third for eight counts and a fourth for eight counts. The first beat of each phrase tends to be the strongest one, and it is this one that should be used to start a new move.

Moves should be taught in counts of 2s, 4s or 8s, e.g. single side-step, double side-step, 4 side-steps, etc. Choosing odd numbers of moves will result in your losing the natural phrasing. See more in Chapter 7 for teaching skills of choreography.



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