Foreword xi

Preface xiii

Acknowledgements xv

1 Cardiac Rehabilitation Overview

Christine Proudfoot

2 Risk Stratification and Health Screening for Exercise in Cardiac Rehabilitation 19

Ann Ross and Mhairi Campbell

3 Exercise Physiology and Monitoring of Exercise in Cardiac Rehabilitation 47

John Buckley

4 Exercise Prescription in Cardiac Rehabilitation 97

Hilary Dingwall, Kim Ferrier and Joanne Semple

5 Class Design and Use of Music in Cardiac Rehabilitation 133

Linda Harley and Gillian Armstrong

6 Leadership, Exercise Class Management and Safety in Cardiac Rehabilitation 161

Fiona Lough

7 Teaching Skills for Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Classes 183 Morag K. Thow

8 Maintaining Physical Activity in Cardiac Rehabilitation 195

Adrienne Hughes and Nanette Mutrie

Appendix A - Glossary 220

Index 224

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