During the exercise class

• Staff act as exercise role models, i.e. clothing, posture, attitude, participating in class (Thompson, et al., 2003);

• Staff recognise and respect the cultural, racial, ethnic and socio-economic diversity within group and consequences for delivery of exercise, e.g. respect for personal modesty, caution with body gestures (AACVPR, 2004);

• Ensure good time and people management, keeping control of the class;

• Maintain safe environment, rigorous observation and monitoring of patients;

• Remind participants that they should use RPE and self-monitoring throughout session;

• Use strong voice, lead good demonstration, positioning and cueing for exercise, ensure patients can hear instructions clearly. The music not too loud or distracting; avoid use of jargon and complicated medical terminology in instructions (see Chapter 7);

• Respond to problem/crisis calmly and efficiently, maintaining patient confidence;

• Ensure individualisation of exercise prescription within the context of the group;

• Promote principles of behaviour change during management of the group

- Commitment... to attend session and participate in rehab goal setting;

- Monitoring ... undertake individual patient review and rehab diary check;

- Reinforcement... achievements praised/recognised by professional and peers.

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