Effect of music on RPE

Thornby, et al. (1995) found that COPD patients exercising with music reported a reduced sense of effort (measured as rate of perceived exertion RPE). Music was found to improve mood during aerobic exercise (Seath and Thow 1995). More recently Murrock (2002) found that playing upbeat music during cardiac rehabilitation exercise sessions did not reduce perceived exertion but significantly enhanced mood (measured on a feelings scale).

Class Design and Use of Music SUMMARY

This chapter has described the practical aspects of design and delivery of group exercise, using both circuits and free aerobics. It is the choice and preference for the exercise leader as to which method they use. Both methods have strengths and weaknesses. The use of music is also at the discretion of the leader, either as background to dictate circuit time, or to use with the free aerobics section.

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